Saba is more than just an furniture store. We hand pick and curate the best in quality and style for you and your home. Why dedicate our time to find that perfect look for your furniture and your place. Find everything you’re looking for and more from the comfort of your own home.

Umed ali


Mr. Umed Ali, is a master craftsman, worked with his hand for more than 20 years. With experience of more than 35 years in the wood working industry, he is the best person to lead a furniture-based company. He has worked with the best architects and interior designers in the field. His obsession for the perfection is the best a company can ask for.Mr. Ali's focus is clear: Deliver the best possible customer experience for each of their clients. He works with all team members to ensure that goal is met - each and every day.

Suhail Alam


Ar. Suhail Alam is young and passionate about furniture and interior design. Completed his bachelor of architecture from Sharda university. He is personally involved in the interior and furniture projects. Suhail believes that a strong work ethic and the ability to earn and maintain trust with his clients and team are his most valued attributes. He holds a diverse experience of designing and planning.

Raisuddin Saifi


Mr. Raisuddin Saifi is a diploma in interior design and an expert in the furniture making. He manages the day to day work on the site. Raisuddin is a humble person with a positive attitude. He has a keen knowledge of material and furniture which helps the client to choose from the best. Raisuddin has always focused on exceptional customer service, attention to detail and offering a friendly, professional and detail-oriented approach for every client dealing with Saba furniture.

Sageer Ahmed

(Kitchen & Wardrobe Expert)

Mr. sageer ahmed is our kitchen and wardrobe expert. He has been in the field of modular furniture for more than 12 years, he got the most versatile experience in terms of making, fitting and suggesting of the modular articles. Mr. sageer ahmed is a hardworking and a passionate man. He has been an integral part of the saba furniture for more than 10 years and counting.